Our Pastors

Pastor Alan mCELROY

Pastor Alan became the lead pastor of White Cliff Church in 2020. He has a strong desire to see followers of Christ grow in their knowledge of God and his Word, discern their gifting, serve in the local church, and support taking the gospel to the nations. He is passionate about the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture and hopes to preach through every book of the Bible.

Pastor Alan holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology from Kansas State University and a Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served in the military a total of thirteen years, both active and reserve, and has deployed overseas multiple times. Alan has served in leadership roles in both the local church and the Southern Baptist denomination.

Pastor Alan is originally from Georgia but met his wife Sarah when he was stationed in Anchorage. In 2013 they were married outdoors in Alaska – in negative temperatures! Sarah, a Kansas native, taught math for two years in the village of St. Mary’s and five years in Anchorage. God graciously called both Sarah and Pastor Alan to himself after they met; they were baptized together and joined a local Southern Baptist church in Kansas in 2014. They have been blessed with three children: Hazel, Henry, and J.B.

Pastor Alan enjoys dating Sarah, spending time with their kids, running, watching baseball, and collecting and reading books. His interests include church history (especially the Puritans), theology, backgrounds, and expository preaching.

Pastor Ben Edwards

Pastor Ben became an associate pastor of White Cliff Church in July 2017. His passion is for people to know and encounter the living God in their daily lives, and for that to overflow into reaching the community around them. As Christians are people of the book, the Bible is essential to him. He believes that by knowing the Word, we are led to an encounter with God that changes lives and enables us to be conduits of God's goodness, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and bring His good news to our communities.

Pastor Ben attended the University of Idaho, where he studied music education. He works vocationally in the community, where he holds pertinent credentials applicable to his job functions. Working in Ketchikan allows him to have regular interaction with people outside of the church daily. Also, Ben is also involved in the ministry to those incarcerated individuals in our city. Ben has served in leadership roles of various local churches, both in the Southern Baptist Convention and other denominations. He has served as an associate pastor, elder, and ministry leader. God also has gifted Ben as a worship leader.

Pastor Ben married his wife Tara in 2010 in Moscow, Idaho. They lived in Vancouver, Washington, for six years before hearing the call of the Lord back to Alaska. Shortly after arriving at White Cliff Church, they were blessed with their first child James. The Edwards family is expecting their second child this December!

Pastor Ben is interested in understanding the original context of the Scriptures, especially historical Judaism. This passion drives him to study the original languages to understand what the Bible meant to the original authors and the readers of their various generations and locations, and how to apply its eternal truth to our current context.